There Is Always Music In Suzi's World

There Is Always Music In Suzi's World

Sunday, September 6, 2015

In The Spotlight: Grace Potter

This month we find the lovely and talented Grace Potter in the spotlight.

Born in Vermont in 1983, Grace Potter grew up in music.  She learned to play piano from her mother, and sang in school choir, later performing in regional theater, festivals and productions.  While attending St. Lawrence University, she met drummer Matt Burr at an open mic night.  The two started dating, and formed the band, the Nocturnals, in 2002.  (Potter and Burr were married a few years ago.)
The band began as an Indie band, self-producing their albums and touring extensively.  The music has certainly gotten attention.  With five albums under their belt, the multi-talented front woman and amazing band have definitely earned their place in the spotlight.  Grace's new album, "Midnight", is her first solo project and is being met with mixed reviews.  Many claim it is too "pop" and not up to the soulful standard of her previous offerings.
But, with her combination of good looks and talent, Grace has made her mark on the pop and Americana music scene.  She's even known in the country music circles thanks to her collaborations with Kenny Chesney.  She plays keyboards and guitar, writes and sings, and brings an enormous amount of energy to everything she does.

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